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SuperDave Lequire Bio

Born and raised in Kentucky I have flown GA Aircraft, Helicopters and currently fly Hot Air Balloons and PPCs.

I have been a Powered Parachute Dealer and PPC Instructor for 20 years. I hold BFI and CFI licenses for PPCs and a CFI license for fixed wing aircraft.

Currently I am a dealer for Buckeye, ParaSki and Phoenix PPCs.

I have more than 2500 hours in Powered Parachutes and have experience in all types, shapes and sizes of PPCs.

My company, Kentucky Powered Chutes maintains a flight park and training school for PPCs in Ashland, KY.

David (SuperDave) Lequire


Kentucky Powered Chutes announces a new Training DVD - Flying The Powered Parachute...

New DVD Available:

Utilizing their flying experiences and over 3000 hours of flying Powered Parachutes, David Lequire and Lester Pelfrey have created this instructional DVD. The content covers flying basics intended for those new to PPCs, however it is informative for experienced flyers as well.

Check out the DVD! Click here to see more info.

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DVD Chapters include:
Preflight Inspection • Flight Instruments • Engine Run Up • Wing Layout • Takeoff • Traffic Pattern • TouchNGo • Engine Out Landing • Student Solo • Dual Instruction Flight • Approach • Landing • Recap

DVD Clips

Hey SuperDave,

I finished up extracting a couple clips from the Flying The Powered Parachute and posted them on Google's new Video Web Site as we had discussed.

Anyone interested in the DVD can get an idea of it's content by checking out the clips.*

Watch The Low-Res Landing Clip      Watch The Low-Res Instruments Clip

Click either link above to see a low resolution clip on

It will give you the flavor of the full-size DVD.

*You will need a fast Internet Connection.


Navy FA/18

Check out this site, you can watch the video of a Navy FA/18. Great Video.

Hope you enjoy it.

David (SuperDave) Lequire

PPC Pilot Map

The PPC Pilot map has now grown to 142 pilots. Each pilot has entered a self photo and their PPC.
Several have posted from outside the U.S. It's interesting viewing.

David (SuperDave) Lequire



A few weeks ago after flying untill dark the chute felt really damp when I was putting it away. It had not been raining but it still felt damp from the evening coolness.
I heard a story once about Termite who had a chute so wet it would not pick him up when taking off. I just wondered if other fliers had experiences with wet chutes.



I've noticed the same thing after flying during the fall. Must not be a problem since the next time I get it out it seems dry. Then again if it really was rained on instead of dew I would worry about mildew and dry it out.

David (D-Man) Mansfield


Hey Dave:

Chili Dogs and Hot Coffee .... Sounds like a good combo to me! Count me in for sure.

Another topic. When I went flying last Thursday I noticed my strobe wasn't working.

It has been connected to the AC side of the voltage regulator. I checked it out on DC and it works just fine. I went ahead and installed a switch on my control panel and hooked it up on the DC side of the voltage regulator. Do you see any problems with that?

David (D-Man) Mansfield


Your supposed to be on the dc side, so that should work fine.


Flying Photos

I got a note from John Smith talking about taking photos with a PPC and thought I would share.


I just want people who like to take pictures on the ground to know that the 103 legal powered parachute is one of the best aerial platformes that I have ever used. Your hands are free after you set the power. It gives you the freedom to set your camera to the settings you desire for your best shots.

Wheather you like taking pictures of landscapes, wildlife or just nature you will not beleive the pictures you will be taking. This has been a most pleasurable and even breathtaking hobby for me for the last few years. You can even make the powered parachute fly slower by slightly stalling the chute with some flare in flight. Slowing down a bit makes picture taking easier. Looking forward to comments from others on photography.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

John (PopBottle) Smith

Differences in Chutes

Hey SuperDave,

I was thinking about our conversations concerning the temporary change to the Apco 500 Chute on my Phoenix. I have been using the Performance Design SunRiser since last year and it has met all my needs. Flying the new APCO 500 Chute is fun and has proved to be quite different than my PD Chute. There are several differences that could be pointed out and I decided to write them down for a more in-depth discussion. So, here goes...

First, let me say that I am no expert on wings and have experience with just these two styles. However, many times first impressions are good insights and can be more direct than long overstated lists of technical details to ponder.

I'll try to hit the high points and then leave with my comments.


APCO 500 Wing - Pro's
• Seems less rocky in the wind
• Faster in flight than PD (Ground speed was 5/7 miles per hour faster per my GPS)
• Softer feel on the control bars
• Costs less than the PD
• Has trim lines as part of control lines for the trimming setup

APCO 500 Wing - Con's
• More complicated layout (more complex attachments of uplines to check)
• More difficult to put in the chute bag (heavier feeling material, especially when cool)
• Responds slower, seems to gain speed, then react to the control bar
• Does not kite as quickly, takes longer for end cells to fill on takeoff roll

Performance Design (PD) 500 SunRiser Wing - Pro's
• Very high lift wing
• Easy layout (simple uplines)
• Precise, responds to very little touch
• Kites very easily, end cells fill quickly on takeoff roll
• Packs easily into chute bag even when cool

Performance Design (PD) 500 SunRiser Wing - Con's
• Costs more
• Often feels hard or stiff on control bars especially on power turns
• Can be a rough ride on windy days


I have enjoyed the differences in the two wings. This is not something I previously thought would be of any importance or even a topic of discussion. I assumed most chutes would fly very much the same. Actually there are many things that are similar, if not exactly the same between the two chutes. Probably there are more similarities than differences, but the differences can be fun.

I am a big guy and I really appreciate how fast my PD Chute can pick me up off the runway. Carrying a passenger on my Phoenix Xtreme is not an ordeal because of the lift the PD Chute provides. I often wondered why people seemed to worry so much about the extra weight the passenger adds. The PD Sunriser can turn extremely sharp and responds to the control bar quickly. Packing the chute is very easy, something I didn't appreciate before. Laying out the PD Chute is relatively simple because it only has A, B and Control lines.

Fying the APCO has been a pleasant, fun experience as well. When trimming the APCO Chute we were flying with a constant wind coming straight down the runway. Easy to takeoff and no trouble quartering the wind with the APCO Chute. The first difference I noticed was the softness of the control bar (even after tightening up the trim). The APCO uses multiple uplines and has A & B attachments, C & D attachments, Control Lines and a Trim Line. The Control Lines are made of very small size cord and at first seemed to get lost with all the other lines. However, I believe the multiple uplines (more attach points to the wing) and the small Control Lines is what gives the soft feel when pushing the control bar.

If I had to choose between these two chutes it would be a toss up. I really like them both, just in different ways. I know when I read articles about products and the writer can't make a determination between products it tends to make me think it's not a serious review or a commercial for both. In this case, I have to tell you, I would be happy with either one of the wings flying on my ppc. The APCO is smoother and faster. The PD has terrific lifting ability for us big guys and easy to pack. I don't think you can go wrong with either. Right now I'm enjoying the APCO but will most likely be looking forward to the PD again for those days when my wife goes with me and I can depend on the big lift from the PD.

Jerry (Springer) Freeman

7th Annual FlyIn

7th Annual Kentucky FlyIn Hosted by SuperDave

Larry Clymer, new head of the FAA Light Sport Aviation Branch will be present to answer questions on Sport Pilot & Light Sport Aircraft.

Grand Prize: 2006 Legal Eagle LX, donated by Buckeye Aviation.
Drawing: Saturday, June 10th at 8PM
FlyIn Dates: June 8th - 11th
Location: Ashland, Kentucky

See Info at: target=_blankKentucky Ragwings Web Site
Contact Info: 606 928-4486 or Email InformationSuperDave

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